YASSMO’ – how deep is the phonk

So proud to present  this Album to you released in NOVEMBER 2021 with amazing artists making this dream come true. Thank you all.

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Very special thanks to

Christoph Krieger – founding member of Yassmo’ band, longtime friend and my godfather of short and concise beats – who played killer drums on the live tracks of Alfterjazznacht Festival // Danh Thai – member of Yassmo’ band and friend – my king of melodies since I heard your sax playing the first time, who played the wall of sax and horns on the title track “How Deep Is The Phonk” // My friend Emanuel Stanley – member of Yassmo’ band – awesome bass player & producer, who always had an ear for my latest mixes and played an amazing bass on the track “Bit Of Soul” // Igor Lazarev – new member of Yassmo‘ band – my guitar lord of fusion, who spended a wonderful tasty and groovy guitar on the album track “Stand Up”// Christian Altehülshorst – amazing talented trumpet player, who spended two tasty cream solos on the tracks “Bit of soul” and “How Deep Is The Phonk” // Günter Asbeck – member of Yassmo’ Band “The Phonkdiggers” – amazing bass player & producer, for spreading so much magic phonk to seven tracks on the album – man you hit it!! Hardy Fischötter – member of Yassmo’ Band and fantastic drum player, for bringing so much taste, glamour and inspiration on the tracks “How Deep Is The Phonk”, “Super Love” and “Bit of Soul” // Mirko van Stiphaut – member of Yassmo’ Band “ The Phonkdiggers” and my duke of phonk guitar, for your burning guitar licks and legendary crying solos on all live tracks of Alfterjazznacht Festival and last not least the album title track “How Deep Is The Phonk” // Björn Federspiel – member of Yassmo’ band “The Phonkdigger” and superb and marvelous trumpet player and arranger for your unforgetable trumpet solos and playing on all live tracks of Alfterjazznacht Festival and your killer arangement on the track “Stand Up” – you dig it!! // Volker Zimmer amazing sax player and Paul Thiesen gorgeous trombone player for bringing so much tasty punch to the hornsection on the track “Stand Up” and made it sounding magic together with Björn! Unforgetable! // Maya Lisa – amazing splendid and glorious singer and composer, for spending so much inspiration and ideas and extra spice to the track “How Is The Phonk” // My friend Richard Münchhoff – super talented and amazing young drummer and member of my latest project “Manic Phonk Orchestra”, for your amazing killer beatz on the track “Stand Up” and “Soul People” // And last, not least to engineer Alexander Abel from Abel Audio for your amazing sound and recording of all live tracks of Alter Jazznacht Festival and Simon Kurtenbach & Manuel Sauer from Tonbauhütte Cologne, for the fantastic sound and recording af the track “Stand Up” // Special thanks to Rolf Gummel for your awesome tasty cover design – always one of a kind! // Thank you all for these unforgetable moments and friendship, I could share with you and your heart blood you were givingin in the things you love, that made this album shine – you all are amazing people!!! Over all, I couldn’t do this, if there weren’t my wife Christine, who always trusted in me – now over 30 years. Your love and tenderness of heart always was the starting point to each song I wrote – in you I found hope and fulfillment that made me fly. At least, I wanna thank my beloved parents, who opened the door for me to the overwhelming universe of music that shaped my life. Love & peace Yassmo’