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yassmo’tion # records – new songs coming up!yassmo_sw_2

As being deeply influenced by soul and funk music of the 70’s with its bumpin‘ grooves and warm and ambitious sounds – the german soul singer, keyboarder and producer Yassmo‘ dreamed to give this music a special place of recreation. So on one of his later birthdays he decided to turn this dream into reality and founded yassmo’tion # records in order to start a long series of productions of this kind of music – inviting all his musical fellers – one after another – to his studio. Three albums are in planning status. First EP titled „stand up“ is released in 11/2016. On the Alfter jazznacht Festival we got the chance to record our  live album called „the soul of jazz“ released in 03/2017 – see releases. The next release will be the live album „Jazzportrait :: vol. I“  05/2019 with recordings made during the „jazzportrait“ in 05/2019, a talkshow with music with the great jazz musicians Simon Oslender and Hardy Fischötter jamin‘ with Yassmo‘. Further actual releases check out here.
The studio album – in work is titled: „how deep is the phonk?“ Insider’s say – it will be released on 2021. To give you first impressions of our work in progress – follow our videos. Let’s stay in touch… .

cheers Yassmo‘